NGS analysis workflow

mygenomatix - The complete NGS data analysis solution for everyone.

Speed. Quality. Results.

Ever wondered how to do first class NGS data analysis without installing software/hardware at your site? All in one package? Delivered to your doorstep and your computer?

mygenomatix is the flexible, affordable and secure solution to analyze and interpret your next generation sequencing data.

3 levels of analysis

  • map & more
  • variants
  • biology complete

allow it to scale to your needs by covering everything from first level mapping and quality control to comprehensive biological interpretation of your data.

What do you get?

  • High-quality mapping with statistics and raw data quality assessment for DNA-, RNA- and ChIP-Seq on all major sequencing platforms for 29 species.
  • The option to analyze your data for variants like SNPs, copy number variations, structural re-arrangements and gene fusions.
  • The option to use the full power of the Genomatix Software Suite to interpret your data and understand the biology behind it.